The Current Lab Grown Diamond Market

The Current Lab Grown Diamond Market

The significant growth in the sale of lab grown diamonds is because of a range of benefits.  Given how much easier it is to create diamonds in a lab versus mining them, these lab-grown diamonds are increasingly popular among ecologically and ethically minded couples. Lab-grown diamonds consume roughly 15% of the water required to mine comparably sized gems and approximately half the electricity. Another big advantage is that they only generate about 5% of the carbon emissions of mined diamonds and don’t generate any sulfur oxide in the process. 

Lab-grown, diamonds can have a bit of a misleading name as these diamonds are functionally identical to ones that came about the “natural way.” In fact, you’d have to be an expert jeweller with specialist equipment to spot the differences between a lab-grown diamond and a “natural” one, and none of these differences have any bearing on the diamond’s purity, strength, or appearance. 

If you’ve been looking for engagement rings, or just want to make some adjustments to your current jewellery range, then lab-grown diamonds can be a good place to start. Not only do these diamonds come with a significantly friendly carbon footprint, they come with a lower price tag in the range of 40%-70% cheaper. Given the strides that we’ve seen in technology in recent years, it’s a fair assumption that lab-grown diamonds will continue to get more accessible and more affordable in the near future. Who knows? In the next decade, all of your jewellery might be lab-grown! 

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