Value of Lab Grown Diamonds

We often get asked, “what are the savings when using Lab Grown Diamonds?”

Firstly, there are lots of benefits that are not financial, and remembering these diamonds are created under high pressures and temperatures so are the same pure carbon composition.   Lab Grown Diamonds are created in controlled facilities and don’t require the Earth to be open-cut mined with the spread of the spilings and potential pollution risks.

But, the financial savings are real!!   The amount saved when comparing Jewellery finished with the Mined or Lab-Grown Diamonds, depends on the makeup of the jewellery.   The main costs of jewellery are the labour to make the piece, the amount of gold in the piece, and the number of diamonds.   Jewellery that is a complicated design and has a lot of gold with just a few small diamonds will not be significantly cheaper with Lab Grown Diamonds.   Engagement rings that are fairly simple, with average amounts of gold and a large solitaire with halo diamonds can be 70% cheaper with Lab Grown Diamonds.

In general, you can expect a saving of between 40-70% when selecting Lab Grown Diamonds, and its for the same as Mined!!

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