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idem Diamonds provides you with an Extensive Range, Real Diamonds, Latest Trends, Socially Responsible.

Complete your look and feel confident going out wearing your new sparkling diamond jewellery. Our carefully selected designs are regularly changing so you can find one that suits every style!

A diamond engagement ring is the perfect symbol of your love.

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Same high quality jewellery from our selected manufactures.   You’ll get those amazing compliments from your friends.  We have hand picked a range of stunning jewellery set with synthetic diamonds to give you the best value range we offer.

the idem difference

Real Diamonds

We have chosen the name IDEM from its Latin meaning “same”. The only difference between a lab grown diamond and a natural diamond is its origin. Lab grown diamonds are indistinguishable from their natural counterparts; side by side they are identical. Lab grown diamonds are graded using the same 4 Cs, only our product provides a much more sustainable and affordable option.

Great Value

Lab grown diamonds offer incredible value and are more affordable than mined diamonds of comparable size and quality.

Lab grown diamonds sell for up to 70% less than mined diamonds, owing to the lower expenses of the mining process, a shorter supply chain, and a more competitive market.

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Latest Range

By not keeping items in stock, we are able to offer you access to the latest on trend designs.   

We don’t have to wait to sell old stock before introducing new designs.

Ensure you keep checking back.

Socially Responsible

Lab grown diamonds are the only truly ethical diamonds on the market.

Eco friendly and conflict free, lab grown diamonds can be created using far fewer resources than it takes to mine a diamond.

If you would like to buy an ethical engagement ring, the only choice is to buy a mine free diamond, in other words an ethical lab diamond


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